MOT SA Courage to Care Global Project Report to Karmøy Rotary Club

MOT South Africa Report on the MOT SA Courage to Care Global Project Report to Karmøy Rotary Club

The Courage to Care Global project has been making a positive impact in South African schools, and the success of this programme was celebrated on March 9th during a meeting attended by representatives from the three Grassy Park Schools – Fairmount, Zeekoevlei, and Lotus High Schools who reported on their experience with MOT over the past three years.

MOT and Odd Henning Johannessen, Past District Governor from Karmøy Rotary Club also visited the three schools after the meeting concluded.

Feedback session

The feedback from representatives was overwhelmingly positive.

Terence Klassen, former principal and MOT Coach, and Audrey Hendricks, both from Fairmount High School, were among the first MOT coaches trained when MOT started in South Africa in 2008. Audrey shared a testimonial about a moment when a student who bullied a girl apologized to the teacher, saying, “Ms. Maasdorp taught me the courage to care,” demonstrating the programme’s impact on solving conflicts.

Julleen Goliath, Deputy Principal from Zeekoevlei High School, was trained as a MOT coach in 2021 and shared that more educators at the school have shown interest in becoming MOT Coaches. She emphasized the importance of programmes like MOT for the youth, as it helps them say no to negative peer pressures and take charge of their lives by having the Courage to Live!

Adrian Maxwell, an educator and MOT coach trained in 2021, shared that the values he learned during training align with his own and empower him every day, allowing him to grow.

Stacy Edwards, Project Manager and President of the Rotary Club of Wynberg, expressed her gratitude to MOT, highlighting the positive difference MOT makes in the community.

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Courage to Care Global project launch

The Courage to Care Global project launched in 2020 and was attended by 49 community leaders, including SAPS officials, Western Cape Education Development officials, religious leaders, district social workers, educators, principals, and employees based in the community. The project has since received official endorsement from the Western Cape Education Department, District Social Workers, and Law Enforcement, and MOT has been warmly welcomed in the community.

MOT Coaches’ Basic Education (training workshop)

In 2021, the first cohort of the project brought in 26 new MOT coaches to the MOT family. It was made possible and a successful one despite the challenges posed by COVID restrictions.

Becoming an MOT coach requires you to be (P-YIS) Passionate, Youthful, Innovative, and Sincere. That you have the motivation to develop robust youth who include, and this is precisely what our MOT Coaches have! The positive difference that MOT Coaches make in the lives of the youth and their own lives is inspiring and promising for the future. Contact the Programmes and Training team here at and for more information about becoming a MOT Coach.

The second cohort of MOT Coaches was trained in 2022, in which a total of 30 new MOT coaches were welcomed to the MOT family.

Genevieve, our newly trained MOT Coach shared that she likes that MOT looks at the individual and provides us with tools that MOT Coaches can use to empower and equip young people to help them deal with real-life situations.

We are excited about the positive difference our MOT Coaches make and bring into the lives of the youth, including their own!

Young MOTivators Education (Youth Leadership Camp)

The Youth Leadership Camp, hosted in 2022, welcomed 23 youth and aimed to strengthen learners’ leadership abilities and train them as MOT Youth Peer Educators to present the MOT programme to their peers.

Stacy Edwards, the Project Manager from The Rotary Club of Wynberg inspired the youth saying: “Understand your role as a Young MOTivator. Know when to lead and when to be lead. Take the skills you’ll be learning this weekend with you and use them in your school, community and home. Remember the quote from Spiderman, ‘with great power comes great responsibility”.

Incorporating MOT into the timetable has helped with the implementation of the programme, and the importance of using the flashlight, (one of the MOT tools that focus on the positive), in every situation, especially during challenges was highlighted, to help learn and improve.

Overall, the Courage to Care Global project has had a tremendous impact on South African schools, and its success is a testament to the importance of programs like MOT in developing the next generation of leaders. The values of courage to live, courage to care, and courage to say no are essential for our youth to thrive and MOT is making a positive difference in the lives of many.

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