MOT Events 2023 – Save the Dates

MOT South Africa Events Save the Dates for 2023

MOT South Africa has several exciting events planned this year. While we finalize the details regarding time and venue, we encourage you to save the dates in your diary. As soon as we have more information, we’ll share it with you.

Courage to Care Day Campaign

Courage to Care Day is a special day dedicated to spreading kindness, love, and compassion to everyone around us. It is a day to reflect on the importance of caring for others and for ourselves. It is celebrated annually and aims to bring people together to show appreciation and love for one another.

Event details

Starting Tuesday, 18 July and finishing on Saturday, 5 August 2023

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Men Show Courage

MOT South Africa is excited to announce its upcoming event aimed at empowering young men to lead responsible and choice-filled lives despite the social ills and abuse they face. The event seeks to engage young men in meaningful activities and interactions related to empowerment, civic responsibility, and identity.

This event comes at a crucial time when young men are facing unprecedented challenges and pressures. Many of them are struggling with issues such as substance abuse, gang violence, gender-based violence, and social exclusion. It is essential to provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate these challenges successfully.

Event details

Date: 20, 21, 22 September 2023

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MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering

Join us for the MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering, a day to celebrate all that MOT has achieved and the exciting journey ahead! This year, we are proud to celebrate our 15th Birthday in South Africa, and we want you to be a part of the festivities.

Event Details

Date: Friday, 20 October 2023

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Courage to Say No Walk

Join the Courage to Say No Walk and Reunion against GBV in Cape Town!

MOT South Africa is inviting you to join and Save the Date for our Courage to Say No Walk and Reunion event on December 2nd in Cape Town. The event aims to bring together 1000 youth and adults to walk against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and honour the victims and survivors.

Event details

Date: 2 December 2023

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