MOT Stakeholder Meeting Highlights Success of Courage to Care Global Project

MOT South Africa Stakeholder Meeting Rotary Cub of Wynberg banner

On 22 June, an impactful MOT Stakeholder meeting was held in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Wynberg, marking a significant milestone in the Courage to Care Global project. MOT South Africa and Karmøy Rotary Club joined forces to bring about positive change in the Grassy Park community. The meeting aimed to present feedback from the project and acknowledge the contributions of key stakeholders.

The Stakeholder meeting witnessed the participation of various stakeholders, including MOT Coaches, teachers, and principals from Fairmount, Lotus, and Zeekoevlei Secondary Schools in Grassy Park. Community members, such as parents, business owners, SAPS officials, and Government officials, also joined the meeting.

Progress and Resilience

During the meeting, Andiswa Makha, the Programmes and Training Manager, reported that MOT SA had successfully completed 80% of the Courage to Care Global project, which is set to conclude in September 2023. She acknowledged the initial challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a slow start. However, with the unwavering support of MOT Principals and MOT Coaches, the project overcame these obstacles, demonstrating resilience and courage.

Inspiring Change

Joshua Lewis a youth leader from MOT South Africa Zeekoevlei High

Joshua Lewis, a Young MOTivator from Zeekoevlei Secondary School, shared an inspiring message with the audience. He emphasized the importance of aspiring to be individuals who inspire others, emphasizing the ability of each person to instil confidence and inspire positive transformations in the lives of others.

Continued Commitment

Viola Manuel Country Director of MOT South Africa

Country Director, Viola Manuel, highlighted that although the Courage to Care Global project is nearing its end, MOT SA remains committed to continuing the MOT programme in the three Grassy Park schools.

MOT COaches from Zeekoevlei High Sschool

During the meeting, we also took the opportunity to express our deep appreciation for the unwavering dedication of our MOT Coaches and Principals. Their relentless efforts in driving the Courage to Care Global project within schools and the broader community have been instrumental in moulding an environment where the MOT programme is embraced and loved. Their commitment to fostering personal growth and empowerment has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, and we are incredibly grateful for their hard work and passion.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

The President of the Rotary Club of Wynberg, Stacy Edwards expressed gratitude to Odd Henning Johannesson for his enduring support of MOT and for initiating the Courage to Care Global project. She also extended her appreciation to the MOT SA Team and the MOT SA Board for their dedicated efforts and hard work.

The MOT Stakeholder meeting served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the Courage to Care Global project in Grassy Park. The meeting highlighted the progress made, the resilience displayed in overcoming challenges, and the dedication of various stakeholders. As the project draws to a close, the MOT SA team, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Wynberg, remains committed to nurturing personal growth, empowering individuals, and inspiring positive transformations within the community.

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