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This month’s MOT Youth Blogger of the Month presents a captivating and heartfelt poem written by our Young MOTivator, Preston Saayman. This powerful poem, written during our Young MOTivators’ Education (Youth Leadership Camp) in 2019, serves as a testament to the remarkable impact of MOT and its invaluable work.

Today, Preston says that his motivation and empowerment were enhanced through his experience with MOT. Reflecting on his growth, Preston acknowledges that the youth camp allowed him to embrace aspects of himself that he had previously kept hidden. This pivotal shift in self-perception led to significant changes in his life. Preston emphasizes that the camp contributed to enhancing the characteristics he already possessed. “The Camp and MOT Sessions enhanced the characteristics that I already possessed, but I chose to keep hidden. The camp helped me to embrace myself a bit more. Things really changed a lot positively for me after this camp”

Preston’s poem stands as a testament to the incredible impact MOT has on young individuals, providing them with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to unlock their potential and ignite positive change. It serves as a reminder of the invaluable work MOT does in empowering and uplifting youth, and encourages others to embrace their own journey of self-discovery and growth. Read more to be inspired!

Poem by Preston Saayman:

Secrets I’ve kept in my heart

Just to divide the different pain apart

My courage should have been here right from the start

A broken teen with broken dreams and this played the part

I grew sick and tired of meeting the same people in different bodies

I pick to desire the truth so I just popped some mollies

Wish we had more things in common and shared similar hobbies

Now I seek to feed on unguided mentalities like a hungry zombie

We all crave compassion and the warmth of love and empathy yes endlessly the feels of ecstasy especially when it leaves you breathlessly

Going forth relentlessly

Blessed with a beating heart in your chest

On a quest to take life’s test striving for the best

Although you might feel stressed and depressed

Rather be obsessed to infest in your own growth yes physically mentally spiritually emotionally

Just don’t be your own enemy

You gotta fight these demons straight up

Words sounding made up covered in makeup through another deadly break up you just gotta wake up

Memories coming up like a hiccup

I Soothen the pain I double cup

Mixing my emotions with purple potions

Thinking that they knew me but all they got is one drop from thee ocean

Till my soul became frozen and my imagery broken

Hypnosis implosion my life is a open omen

I treasure my values like golden tokens

Maybe not too outspoken

Yet I wanna shout, I’m always to quiet to try it the words won’t come out

But now I got M O T who motivates me

That I OD on self love and to see

The hope in the eyes of those surrounding me

Showing courage with the strength I get from GOD

My anxiety kept on finding me but I buried it here and now RIP

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