High Schools Team Up for Mentorship Magic: Best Practice Workshop

Best Practice Workshop WCED

This month, our partnered high schools gathered for a Best Practice Workshop which saw Gardens Commercial High School’s esteemed MOT Principal, Dylan Tommy who is also this year’s MOT Are Hovstad Award winner, take center stage, sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to implement and plan impactful MOT sessions effectively.

His message resonated deeply: a Principal’s active involvement in the MOT journey injects invaluable support into the MOT programme which empowers both the MOT Coordinator and MOT Coaches.

In attendance were the MOT Principals and MOT Coordinators from Zeekovlei, Fairmount Secondary, and Sibelius High Schools, from the Western Cape and joining in online from the Eastern Cape was Mzimkulu Primary School.

Throughout the workshop, knowledge, experience, and best practices were exchanged. Gardens Commercial High School’s Principal’s insights, born from hands-on experience, provided a roadmap for successful MOT implementation. Participants actively engaged in discussions, shared their own challenges and triumphs, and collectively brainstormed creative solutions.

This collaborative spirit is the very essence of the MOT programme. By bringing together schools from different areas and backgrounds, the workshop fostered a sense of community and support, uniting educators in a shared mission to empower young minds.

Best Practice Workshop

The workshop concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and a concrete action plan for each participating school. Armed with fresh best practices, the MOT Coordinators and Principals returned to their institutions, ready to nurture and inspire the next generation within the new year. As these high schools continue to implement the MOT programme, we can be confident that countless young minds will be equipped with the skills, confidence, and support they need to reach their full potential.

View some of the Best Practice Tips shared by Gardens Commercial High School Principal on what works for his school here:

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