Celebrating Milestones and Building Futures with Educational Institutions

College of Cape Town and MOT SA WCED

This month, MOT South Africa had fruitful meetings at educational institutions across Cape Town, reconnecting with longstanding partners and forging exciting new collaborations. The MOT SA team visited the College of Cape Town, Sibelius High School, and False Bay TVET College, engaging with both management and School Management Teams (SMTs) in meaningful discussions about the future of the MOT Programme within their institutions.

College of Cape Town Management and MOT SA Staff

College of Cape Town holds a special place in our hearts, having been the very first partner when the programme began its journey in South Africa. It was not only a heartwarming experience, filled with reminiscing about shared successes, but a reaffirmation of shared values and a commitment to furthering the MOT Programme’s impact and creating a warmer and safer society for our youth.

Sibelius and MOT
Sibelius High School SMT

At Sibelius High School, while marking new beginnings, were no less significant. The energy in the rooms was evident as MOT SA introduced the programme’s philosophy and impact, which sparked interest and insightful conversations among the SMT members. The discussions explored the potential for integrating the MOT Programme into the timetable.

False Bay College and MOT
False Bay TVET College Management and MOT Coaches

False Bay TVET College is also a long-standing partner of MOT SA and together we worked out ways to strengthen MOT’s relationship and support.

Sibelius High and MOT
Sibelius High School SMT and MOT Staff

Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment from both our longstanding partners and our new partnership with Sibelius High School fills us with optimism for providing young people with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential. By working hand-in-hand with educational institutions, the MOT Programme continues to create a ripple effect of empowerment, one student at a time.

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