Courage to Care Day 2023 Donation Drop off and Collections

Western Cape Education Department MOT South Africa Youth organisation

Last month, we successfully dropped off the last donations received from our Courage to Care Day Campaign. These contributions were gratefully received by schools and organizations, including Chiastolite Community Builders Drop-In Centres, Kalksteenfontein Primary based in Kalksteenfontein, Kids Rising Above Circumstances, based in Leonsdale, VCO/ Happiness Haven DIC based in Westbank.

The donations were made possible by all of our sites that have participated in the Courage to Care Day Campaign that ran from 18 July to 5 August 2023.

But what is the Courage to Care Day campaign?

Learners from Robertson/Keurkloof/Chiastolite Drop In Centre

Originating in Norway, Courage to Care Day has become a global celebration within the MOT community. Aligned with MOT’s core value of “Courage to Care,” the day emphasizes the importance of showing care and respect for others and oneself. It encourages individuals to act as a beacon of support for those who may feel left out, a concept referred to as providing “Jet fuel” – a source of light for others.

Kids Rising Above Circumstances,  Leonsdale
MOT SA Staff with Kids Rising Above Circumstances based in Leonsdale and representatives

This celebration bears similarities to Mandela Day, a day dedicated to honouring Nelson Mandela’s vision of a better world through kindness and compassion. Courage to Care Day echoes this spirit, urging people to positively impact their communities and bring happiness to those around them.

Kalksteenfontein Primary School based in Kalksteenfontein
Kalksteenfontein Primary School based in Kalksteenfontein receiving donations

Our 2023 Goal: A Resounding Success

In 2023, our goal for Courage to Care Day was to give back to children attending rural and farm schools across the province. We aimed to provide them with essential items such as school uniforms, clothing, stationery, and textbooks. We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved this goal, contributing to equipping these children with the tools they need to succeed in their education through the help of our incredible partnering High Schools, TVET Colleges and Community Organisations.

We sincerely thank all our MOT sites for your generous donations and for actively spreading the Courage to Care! Your support has made a positive impact!

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