MOT SA and Voice of the Cape Unite for Hello! Campaign

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MOT South Africa is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Voice of the Cape, a collaboration that enhances the impact of the upcoming Hello! Campaign is scheduled to run from 19 February to 25 March 2024.

In a world increasingly dominated by screens and fast-paced lives, MOT SA’s Hello Campaign emphasizes the value of genuine human connection, rooted in the MOT core value of the Courage to Care. The Hello! Campaign emphasizes the value of authentic human connection and caring interactions by urging everyone to reach out and say Hello! in a meaningful way. The campaign focuses on building meaningful connections and fostering open, heartfelt conversations to make a real difference in the lives of students, learners, communities, workplaces, friends, and families with a simple and genuine Hello!

The Hello! Campaign will be executed across all our partnering High Schools, TVET Colleges and Community Organisations in various provinces, including Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Gauteng, and Kwazulu Natal. This widespread initiative aims to engage individuals and communities from diverse regions, fostering authentic human connections and spreading the message of care, kindness, and understanding. By uniting our efforts across multiple locations, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change and cultivate a more compassionate and connected society.

As part of this collaboration, MOT SA will be featured on Voice of the Cape in a dedicated segment every Tuesday at 10:20 AM, starting from 6th February 2024. Tune in via Frequency: 91.3 to learn more about how to actively participate in the Hello Campaign and positively impact through authentic engagement and caring interactions.

Viola Manuel, Country Director at MOT South Africa, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, ‘Join us every Tuesday on Voice of the Cape at 10:20 AM, starting February 6th and ending February 27th, 2024. Listen in to discover how you can play a vital role in making a difference through the Hello Campaign.’

The Hello Campaign encourages everyone to reach out in a real and caring manner, emphasizing that taking the time to connect with those around us is a fundamental building block for mental and emotional well-being.


Calling everyone to join our ‘Hello and Sincere Moments’ challenge! Tune in to Voice of the Cape Radio, and whenever you experience a heartwarming ‘Hello’ or share a sincere moment, snap it and tag us @motsouthafrica and don’t forget to use the ha. Whether it’s a meaningful conversation, a kind gesture, or a connection that brightens your day, we want to celebrate it with you! Let’s turn up the positivity and spread the joy through the airwaves. Every tagged moment is an entry into our exciting competition, so get ready to share those warm vibes! 📻💖 #HelloWithMOT #MOTWorks

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