MOT SA Theme for 2024: #MOTWorks


We are excited to reveal our theme for 2024: #MOTWorks. Coupled with MOT being 16 years in South Africa, this theme expresses the essence of the positive impact MOT SA has made in the lives of youth and adults alike over the years.

The theme for this year was born when Timothy Mc Bride presented research conducted by the University of the Western Cape (UWC), that proves “MOT Works”. At our MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering in 2023 in which we celebrated 15 years of MOT in South Africa, Mr Mc Bride, lecturer and researcher presented the findings. On average, participants in the MOT programme showed an 18% higher subject pass rate and a remarkable 12% higher completion rate for courses. This data is proof of the real impact MOT has on academic success, laying the foundation for brighter futures.

The Research was conducted by the University of the Western Cape (UWC), and funded by the DG Murray Trust examined the impact of the programme on academic success for students at False Bay College, Northlink College and Boland College.

Timothy McBride, University of the Western Cape, IPSS

According to Timothy Mc Bride, the driving force behind this research, extends far beyond academic achievements. In his own words, “MOT works. We know that these children are coming from broken homes and need to find spaces where they can feel safe and change from what society has dictated to them.”

Mr Mc Bride further emphasized the nature of MOT by stating, “Those who were on drugs are no longer on drugs. Those who were going to drop out are no longer going to drop out. MOT works.” This powerful affirmation reinforces our conviction that MOT is not just a programme; it is a catalyst for profound personal and societal change.

Read the incredible article from People’s Post published after celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2023 here

In essence, #MOTWorks symbolizes not only the effectiveness of our programme but also our commitment to being a force for positive change in the lives of young individuals.

Together, let’s make this year one where MOT truly works its magic, creating lasting impacts and paving the way for a brighter and more empowered future for all. #MOTWorks — because transformation begins with us.

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Read more about the research here:

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