MOT’s Hello Campaign and Voice of the Cape Radio Series

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In a bid to encourage positive relationships, we recently launched our Hello Campaign, an initiative aimed at engaging and connecting with the youth. The campaign, which kicked off on 17 February, has already made significant strides, bringing about positive changes in various schools and colleges across South Africa.

Voice of the Cape - Gardens Commercial High School

MOT SA collaborated with Voice of the Cape Radio, which provided a platform for our MOT Youth and MOT Coaches to share their experiences with the Hello Campaign, shedding light on the positive impact it has had on their institution and personal lives. The four-week series featured insightful interviews with key figures, including Viola Manuel, our Country Director, the principal of Lotus High School, and MOT Youth representatives.

Week One

In the first week, Viola Manuel, our Country Director, set the tone for the campaign, emphasizing the importance of building relationships within school communities.

Week Two

Lotus High School’s principal, Mr Price highlighted how the Hello Campaign injected vibrancy into the school environment, as it appealed to the younger generation. With a focus on discipline and academics, Mr Price, brought in to assist Lotus High, credited MOT SA and the Hello Campaign for contributing to the positive changes at the school.

Week Three

Voice of the Cape - Gardens Commercial High School MOT Youth
Left to Right: MOT Youth representatives Kino Moni and Jehan Abrahams, alongside Viola Manuel, Country Director.

Week three featured MOT Youth representatives, Jehan Abrahams and Kino Moni from Gardens Commercial High School, who shared their personal experiences with the Hello Campaign and the positive impact MOT has had on their school. Thank you to educator and MOT Coordinator, Geraldene Fortuin for preparing them for the day.

Voice of the Cape - Gardens Commercial High School (2)

Week Four

Voice of the Cape - Fairmount High School
Left to Right: Ayyoob Allies, Voice of the Cape Producer; Imaan Ismael, MOT Youth and learner from Fairmount; Viola Manuel, Country Director; and Terence Klassen, MOT Coach and former principal from Fairmount.

The fourth week showcased Terence Klassen, a MOT Coach and former principal of Fairmount Secondary School, along with Imaan Ismael, a MOT Youth and learner at Fairmount Secondary School in Grassy Park. Their insights underscored the power of MOT and its Hello Campaign in shaping school culture.

We would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated MOT Coordinators for preparing the MOT Youth for the interviews, applauding their confidence and commitment. We are in awe of your Courage! MOT would also extend our thanks to Voice of the Cape radio for providing a platform to share insights about the Hello Campaign over the past four weeks.

As the Hello Campaign progresses until 25 March, it continues to fuel positive change and build genuine connections with a simple Hello, creating a ripple effect felt across schools and colleges in South Africa.

To stay updated and discover more exciting aspects of the Hello Campaign, we encourage you to check out our social media platforms on @motsouthafrica. Your engagement and support contribute to the continued success of this campaign. Let’s keep the positive momentum going!

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