Celebrating Research Results for MOT SA Courage to Care Rotary Global Project

mot research results

We take great pride in presenting the outcomes of our 3-year Courage to Care Global Project in collaboration with The Rotary Club of Wynberg, Haugaland Upper Secondary School, Karmøy Rotary Club, Rotary District 9350, and the Rotary Foundation.

rotary and mot training
MOT Coaches’ Training

Initiated in 2020 in partnership with the Rotary Foundation and Clubs, the Courage to Care Global Project aimed to implement the MOT Programme in three Western Cape Schools in Grassy Park. Our commitment to community involvement was evident from the project’s onset, featuring a launch attended by SAPS Officials, Western Cape Education Development (WCED) officials, religious leaders, educators, principals, and community members.

youth leadership camp
Youth engaged in an activity during the Young MOTivators’ Education (Youth Leadership Camp)

The research report conducted by Dr Puni Mamdoo and her team from Sphere Sphere highlights significant successes achieved through the MOT Programme, demonstrating positive impacts on learners:

  • 80% of learners confirmed that the MOT programme improved their experience (“quality of life”) at school. 
  • 98% appreciated the sense of community and support created by the MOT programme at their school.
  • 76% of learners experienced spillover effects of the MOT program in their home life. Scientific research consistently shows that the social milieu, including peer interactions and relationships, significantly impacts adolescent development.
  • 80% of learners self-reported  improvement in all aspects of  personal development
  • 80% of learners felt that they had achieved the principal outcomes of the MOT programme, viz: the Courage to Live, the Courage to Care and the Courage to Say No

MOT Staff with Principals and Rotary Officials

Moreover, MOT Coaches reported personal gains, including the acquisition of new skills, character development, and improvements in their professional and personal lives.

The conclusive recommendation is that the MOT Programme has successfully achieved its objectives, promoting personal development among learners and positively impacting their school and home lives. Simone Gangsen, Project Manager at Sphere emphasizes the need to scale the programme to various schools across the province for broader exposure to its benefits.

Throughout the 3-year project, we actively involved the community and are pleased to share that 1427 learners across three schools – Fairmount Secondary School, Zeekoevlei Secondary School, and Lotus Secondary School – have benefited from the MOT programme!

youth leadership camp
Young MOTivators’ Education (Youth Leadership Camp)

To view the detailed results, kindly follow the link here

About MOT and Rotary

MOT South Africa and Rotary have forged a long-standing partnership, with a focus on the Grassy Park community facing challenges of crime, gangsterism, poverty, and unemployment. This collaboration addresses the need for a youth life skills and leadership program. The three high schools were identified, and MOT SA became the implementing partner and training service provider.

The project’s shared goals include developing robust, self-aware, courageous, and resilient youth, empowering educators and community leaders with holistic youth development skills, and fostering a community culture of respect and “ubuntu” – a term expressing South African oneness, compassion, harmony, and mutual care.

For more details about the project, follow the link here:

MOT SA will be hosting an event to share the incredible results and the impact our Courage to Care Global Project has had on the Grassy Park community and its youth.

Thank you to the team at Sphere for a great report.

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