MOT Coaches’ Basic Education – Empowering Educators in Eastern Cape

mot coaches' basic education in burgersdorp

In March 2024, MOT SA successfully hosted its second MOT Coaches’ Basic Education training for the year, warmly welcoming a new cohort of MOT Coaches from Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape. This intensive training equipped our educators and youth workers with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively facilitate the MOT programme with their students.

mot coaches' basic education in burgersdorp

During our time in Burgersdorp, we engaged in productive meetings with the principals and MOT Coaches from our partner schools, alongside a MOT Refresher Training workshop for our previously trained MOT Coaches.

mot coaches basic education

Feedback from participants was incredibly positive, with one individual sharing, “I had to engage in deep soul-searching,”. Others described it as “really good content and relatable,” “fun and educational,” and emphasized its role in creating a safer and more comfortable environment for youth in the community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Scatec for their support in reaching the Burgersdorp community. With their assistance, we eagerly anticipate continued growth and positive outcomes in Burgersdorp. We recognize that by investing in our youth, we are investing in our future. Thank you, Scatec, for your partnership and commitment to MOT.

mot coaches' basic education in burgersdorp

Interested in finding out more about what the MOT Coaches’ Basic Education entails and how you can get involved to become a MOT Coach? Read more here:

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