MOT Hello Campaign Winners

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From February 19 to March 25, we launched our Hello Campaign to encourage authentic connections and foster positive relationships through simple greetings and genuine interactions. As part of this initiative, we also held a competition. Here are the winners:

Introducing our Hello Campaign Winners – Amy Foundation and Fairmount Secondary School!

Amy Foundation

amy foundation
Amy Foundation receiving their Hello Campaign Certificate

Their Bingo Initiative has earned us a certificate for Best Initiative and Overall Response!

Each learner received a bingo card and was tasked with initiating conversations with peers they might not interact with regularly. Upon completing a conversation, they obtained signatures on their card and jotted down their reflections, fostering genuine exchanges and connections. What a great and innovative way to start conversations!

Amy Foundation celebrating Hello Campaign through Hello Bingo
Amy Foundation MOT Youth during their Bingo Initiative

The feedback they’ve provided about the Hello Campaign has been overwhelmingly positive: “This experience/initiative has been so amazing, eye-opening, and fun! It took me out of my comfort zone, made me reach out to people I admired but didn’t dare to approach. Relationships have been built—maybe not friendships yet, but it is a start.” Read more through their wonderful testimonial on the Hello Campaign from the Amy Foundation here

Thank you to the Amy Foundation for showing the Courage to Care through the MOT SA Hello Campaign. We are extremely happy about the positive feedback it has brought.

Fairmount Secondary School

Fairmount Secondary School receiving their Hello Campaign Certificate

Fairmount Secondary School launched the Hello Campaign at their school by recording their teachers and learners saying ‘Hello’ in spontaneous video clips, which they later shared in the school assembly and on social media.

They further linked the campaign with an anti-bullying initiative, promoting the Courage to Care and the Courage to Say No to Bullying. The assembly featured poems on bullying awareness and the importance of inclusion through the Hello Campaign.

Fairmount Secondary MOT Coach during their Courage to Care and Courage to Say No to Bullying Initiative

To end it all off and spread more positivity, they distributed lollipops with the Hello Campaign logo to both matriculants and teachers, aiming to brighten their day with a simple gesture.

Thank you to Fairmount for showing the Courage to Care through the MOT SA Hello Campaign. We love that you took the initiative, made this your own, and achieved such positive results. Thank you!

They kicked off the campaign with ‘Hello’ video clips shared during assemblies and on social media. They linked this with an anti-bullying initiative, spreading positivity by distributing Hello-branded lollipops.

Let’s keep spreading the courage to care and making a difference with a simple HELLO! 

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Read more about the Hello Campaign Highlights here:

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