Voices of Courage Event: 14 June

On 14 June, MOT SA held our first Voices of Courage Campaign event at New Life, Tyger Valley Shopping Mall, marking a successful partnership to celebrate youth throughout the month of June. This campaign aims to inspire and empower young people, and the kickoff event certainly delivered on that promise.

About MOT and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

MOT South Africa’s partnership with Tyger Valley Shopping Centre has provided a month-long celebration of youth empowerment. The Voices of Courage campaign includes inspiring talks, fun activities, and motivational performances to encourage young people to find and use their voices.

Event Highlights
Tashreeqah Hendricks: Can I be a role model at a young age?

Tashreeqah MOT Youth
Tashreeqah Hendricks during her speech

Tashreeqah Hendricks, a MOT Youth member and RCL Chairperson at Gardens Commercial High School, was one of the keynote speakers. She shared her views on what it means to be a role model, stating that a role model inspires and motivates others by leading with positive values and demonstrating that anyone can achieve their goals. Tashreeqah expressed pride in being a young role model and emphasized the importance of young people as future leaders and change-makers.

Tashreeqah also shared her personal journey and the challenges she has faced. She spoke about the importance of making choices that lead to happiness and fulfilment, encouraging the audience to try new things and continue pursuing what makes them happy. Her message was clear: while no one is perfect, striving to be a positive influence can make a significant impact on those around us.

Toni Tebbutt: How can I show courage in my life?

Toni Tebbutt at MOT event
Toni Tebbutt during her speech

Toni Tebbutt, the dynamic 2-time Survivor Castaway and visionary entrepreneur, also shared her powerful insights on mindset and positivity. She spoke about the importance of self-awareness, managing reactions, and finding joy in the present moment. Toni highlighted that our thoughts and energy shape our lives and emphasized the need to surround ourselves with positive people.

Drawing from her experiences on Survivor and her journey as an entrepreneur, Toni discussed the challenges she has overcome, including being bullied and facing a difficult upbringing. She shared how adopting a positive mindset helped her navigate these challenges and emerge stronger. Toni also provided practical tips on how to be present, such as engaging the five senses to stay grounded and aware in the moment.

Resonating Messages and Practical Insights

Their messages on managing emotions, embracing authenticity, and staying present resonated deeply with the youth in the audience. Attendees learned valuable lessons about harnessing their energy and maintaining a positive mindset to overcome challenges and thrive. This event truly ignited a spirit of courage and hope in all who attended.

Tashreeqah and Toni also answered questions from the audience, providing further insights on how to encourage others to be role models, manage procrastination, and find positivity even in difficult times. Their advice was practical and actionable, offering the audience concrete steps to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Thank you to Tyger Valley Shopping Mall

A huge thank you to Tyger Valley Shopping Mall for providing the platform for our youth to share their Voices of Courage!

As the Voices of Courage Campaign continues throughout June, we look forward to more events on 15, 16, 28 and 29 June and opportunities to celebrate and empower our youth. This first event has set a high standard, and we are excited to see the continued impact of this campaign in fostering a generation of confident, positive, and resilient young leaders.

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