M.J. Li

Kungfu Martial Artist

13. May 1986

MOT ambassador
Since 2016

Social media

M.J. Li, Cape Town born SA Kungfu Athlete, has been a Professional Kungfu Martial Artist for approximately 23 years.

To date, the South African Grand-Style Tai-Chi Champion has represented South Africa at 5 World Championships winning gold, silver and bronze:

  • 2005, Beijing China: 2 Bronze
  • 2010, Shanghai: 2 Silver
  • 2012, Texas: 2 Gold
  • 2014: Houston: 3 Gold, 1 Silver
  • 2016: Dallas/New York: 4 Gold

M.J. Li is also a qualified school teacher with 10 years experience and training in Radio and Television Production/Presenting.

M.J. believes that partnering with MOT South Africa will motivate the youth to be courageous and self-aware. He is an inspiration and role model to the youth of South Africa, proving that self-determination and hard work does pay off.

"A true master dwells within, whom only you can choose to liberate"

We look forward to working with M.J. Li to give hope and motivate the MOT Youth to go out and inspire change and courage in others.