MOT Youth Blogger of the Month: Darren Maybe

My name is Darren Maybe. I am the eldest of three siblings, residing in the Cape Flats Ottery area, and raised by a single parent. I would like to share my story with you and why I believe that failure is not the end, with the hope that you will be encouraged by this.

My high school journey was exciting, yet painful. At the end of my grade 11 school year, I received my report card which stated: “Darren Maybe, you’ve failed grade 11.” I felt like I was knocked to the ground with a sledgehammer and had many negative thoughts that ran through my mind such as giving up and not going back to school, I even had thoughts of suicide.

I sobbed for weeks. I had a pity party and played the blame game.

My mother came to my rescue with a letter from my grade 7 teacher, Mrs Williams.

The letter read:

Dear Darren

I feel your hurt and pain with you, Darren. Please remember that many of us get tested in various ways. Because you are a wonderful, strong person, God knows that you’ll never give up. Don’t give up, Darren, persevere and hold your head up high.”

I then went back to school with new ambitions and walked with my head up high. That same person that cried himself to sleep every day and wanted to give up on life, matriculated, was given the opportunity to complete a course in Safety in Society and am currently studying Public Management at False Bay TVET College, Fish Hoek Campus.

I first got introduced to MOT while at Fairmount High School and got reintroduced to MOT when I joined False Bay TVET College. This is where I became a Young MOTivator which was the greatest opportunity for me! MOT allowed me to be courageous and motivated me. The lessons learned from my experience with MOT, have been invaluable and I will carry these lessons with me for the rest of my life.

I would like to remind you that failure is not the end. I could have continued my pity party and even wanted to take my own life, but just a simple letter gave me hope.

What you’re calling failure right now may be carrying the seeds for your next success. The MOT Tool: The Chest of Development teaches us to use your negative experiences and turn them into positive lessons that you can use to strengthen yourself and others.

You have the choice of getting back up or staying down. You can also be that person who can bring light into someone’s life that is feeling down. Don’t be afraid to show that courage!

It is in these times that you show your true strength of character. You are so much bigger than you think. Have the courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no.