Farewell to Prof Links, ex-Chairperson for MOT SA

Board Farewell - Prof, Trish, Zozo (2)

After 12 years, Prof Eltie Links has decided to step down as the chairperson.

Without his wise counsel, courage, and guidance, MOT SA would not have been able to accomplish many of the things we have in the last decade. He has tirelessly given his time and resources to build MOT and he has always believed and lived the MOT values and principles, always speaking well of MOT and the MOT Family whenever he has the chance.

Prof Links, as you look back on your time with us, please know that our achievements and growth would not have been possible without you.

Have a look at some of the wonderful comments our MOT Enthusiasts shared about Prof Links in the AGM Zoom Group Chat:

  • Thank you for your leadership Prof Links and the great journey you had! – Nico Moloto
  • Thank you, Prof. We learned a lot from you, your humbleness and courage to lead are what we will always remember about you. – Nokulunga Sofoyiya
  • Prof, you will be missed. You will always be with us and part of our new journey. Thank you for inspiration and your encouragement and belief in me and our team – Julia Duminy
  • Prof Eltie Links – Thank you for being a true Comrade in serving this Nation. – Marlon Van Diemen
  • Thank you Eltie for the fantastic work you have done to get MOTSA to this stage and thank you in advance for what you will still do for MOT SA. Your contribution will not go unnoticed and will be in the MOT SA foundations as a tribute to the legacy you have established. – Blum Khan
  • We truly appreciate your leadership and warmth, Prof. Your presence had a way of easing things up no matter how much pressure we experienced. Looking forward to being your first customer when you open your soup shop. To the next chapter! Much love always 🙂 – Andiswa Makha
  • Prof, you will be really missed! Thank you for all the amazing work that you have done over all these years! Thank you for believing in me and the rest of the MOT Team! Thank you for the wonderful, gracious and honourable person you are, our MOT dad, friend, everything! You will always be in our hearts and our minds! 😀 – Jacqueline Carolus
  • Dear Prof, you are a sure inspiration. You will be missed. – Marieta Loots
  • Thanks, Eltie for who you are. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Thank you for caring about MOT – it is valued and appreciated. – Jannie Isaacs
  • I, being a Young MOTivator, met Prof for the first time at the MOT Enthusiast Gathering at False Bay College, Khayelitsha Campus in March 2020 and you gave me such inspirational advice and touched my heart by your kind words just by looking at me. You are truly an inspiration. – Shouneez Dearham
  • Well done, MOT SA family – Overwhelmingly inspired by Prof. Well done Julia. Keep up the amazing/ inspirational work. Thank you for an insightful and well organised AGM. Stay safe and God bless – Abdul Seckam
  • The story is always the same, but the lesson remains relevant. What is in me, is me. MOT is in me. Thanks, Eltie – Jannie Isaacs
  • Thank you, Prof, for a great 12 years. – Tersia Pool
  • Sincere appreciation to you Prof and to the whole MOT family. It was indeed a privilege an honour to be part of a team with champions like yourselves! God bless! – Trish van der Merwe

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