Voices of Courage Campaign and Events: A Month of Inspiration at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

June was a remarkable, MOTivating and magical month for the Voices of Courage Campaign at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, marked by daily interactions at the Aldo pop-up station and a series of impactful events. This campaign, a collaboration between MOT SA and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, aimed to empower and inspire young people by providing them with valuable life lessons and encouragement and to use their Voices of Courage.

About MOT and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

MOT South Africa’s partnership with Tyger Valley Shopping Centre has been instrumental in celebrating youth empowerment throughout June. The Voices of Courage campaign included inspiring talks, fun activities, and MOTivational performances to encourage young people to find and use their voices.

Pop-Up Station

Throughout the month, our Pop-Up station served as a hub for shoppers to learn more about MOT SA and get involved. This daily engagement allowed the public to connect with MOT’s mission and discover ways to support and empower the youth.

Voices of Courage Events: Highlights from Each Event

14 June: Tashreeqah Hendricks and Toni Tebbutt
Tashreeqah Hendricks: Can I Be a Role Model at a Young Age?

Tashreeqah Hendricks, a MOT Youth member and RCL Chairperson at Gardens Commercial High School, shared her inspiring journey of being a young role model. She emphasized the importance of positive values and the impact of leading by example.

Tashreeqah Hendricks, a MOT Youth member and RCL Chairperson at Gardens Commercial High School, shared her inspiring journey about what it means to be a role model. She emphasized that being a role model involves inspiring and MOTivating others by leading with positive values and demonstrating that anyone can achieve their goals. Tashreeqah shared her personal journey, the challenges she faced, and the importance of making choices that lead to happiness and fulfilment. Her message was clear: while no one is perfect, striving to be a positive influence can make a significant impact on those around us.

Toni Tebbutt: How Can I Show Courage in My Life?

Toni Tebbutt, a 2-time Survivor Castaway and visionary entrepreneur, shared her insights on mindset and positivity. She spoke about the importance of self-awareness, managing reactions, and finding joy in the present moment.

Drawing from her experiences on Survivor and her entrepreneurial journey, Toni discussed the challenges she has overcome, including being bullied and facing a difficult upbringing. She highlighted that our thoughts and energy shape our lives and provided practical tips on staying present and grounded.

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15 June: Victor Pike and Sharief Hendricks
Victor Pike: The Importance of Being a Role Model

Victor Pike, a community builder and mentor, started his talk by encouraging everyone to take courage and be responsible in their fight against negativity and challenges.

He emphasized that what truly matters is what’s in your heart and provided practical advice on setting boundaries, choosing friends wisely, recognizing your unique identity, and believing in yourself.

Victor concluded by highlighting the importance of maintaining respect and values and advised the youth to seek out positive influences.

Sharief Hendricks: Privilege, Goals, and Positive Thinking

Sharief Hendricks, a MOT Brand Ambassador, Senior Lecturer at UCT, and Professor at Leeds Beckett University (UK), shared his personal journey, emphasizing the role of sport and education in keeping him on the right path.

He urged everyone to appreciate their privileges, set and achieve goals, choose role models wisely, and reflect on their thoughts. Sharief’s message was clear: we must be mindful of what we consume and engage in activities that help us grow.

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16 June: Victor Pike, Andile Nebulane, and Karen Zoid
Victor Pike: The Importance of Showing Up

Victor Pike returned to emphasize the importance of being present and involved in the lives of loved ones, particularly as a father. He encouraged fathers and men to lead by example, show bravery, and express vulnerability.

Victor’s message resonated deeply, highlighting the pivotal role fathers play in shaping their children’s futures.

Andile Nebulane: Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

Andile Nebulane, a MOT Brand ambassador and actor, captivated the audience with his insights on self-reflection and personal growth.

He emphasized the importance of reflecting on one’s day, prioritizing oneself, and using struggles to push oneself forward.

Andile shared his own challenges and how he decided to work hard on himself rather than be a victim of his circumstances.

Karen Zoid: When to Dare to Speak Out

Karen Zoid, singer-songwriter and guitarist, focused on the courage required to voice one’s thoughts and beliefs.

She emphasized that true courage comes from the heart and involves standing up for what you believe in as well as the importance of respect and pursuing one’s passions. Karen engaged the audience with an interactive session, creating a magical, MOTivating atmosphere.

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28 June: Bianca Flanders, Carl Wastie, Da Faith, Diego Paulse, and Vusumuzi Mpofu
Bianca Flanders: Being Your Own Motivation

Bianca Flanders, an actor, producer, and director, shared her journey of overcoming self-doubt and the importance of believing in oneself.

She emphasized the value of hard work, surrounding oneself with supportive people, and going the extra mile to achieve goals. Bianca recounted how these principles helped her publish her book and produce a feature film for Showmax.

Carl Wastie: Is Being Awesome Everything You Think It Will Be?

Carl Wastie, media personality and MOT ambassador, addressed the topic of resilience and determination. He shared his personal story of becoming the main provider for his family after his parents divorced during his grade 12 year.

Carl’s perseverance paid off when he received a bursary to study psychology. He encouraged the youth to work hard, embrace vulnerability, and stay true to themselves through authenticity and self-belief.

Inspirational Performances

The event also featured comedic performances by Diego Paulse and Da Faith, who brought laughter and joy to the audience. Poet Vusumuzi Mpofu captivated everyone with his powerful poems, resonating with the themes of courage and self-belief.

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29 June: Gary Speelman, Da Faith, and Diego Paulse
Gary Speelman: Is There a Place for Second Chances?

Gary Speelman, MOT Youth alumnus, Young MOTivator alumnus and MOT Coach, delivered an inspiring talk on the topic of second chances. He emphasized that second chances start with oneself and shared his personal journey as a high school dropout.

Gary highlighted how MOT provided him with a second chance and the tools to navigate life. His message was clear: personal responsibility and mindset are key to making the most of second chances.

Comedic Relief: Da Faith and Diego Paulse

The event further featured comedic performances by Da Faith and Diego Paulse, who brought laughter and joy to the audience, adding a light-hearted and enjoyable aspect to the event.

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A Month of Gratitude

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our guests who joined us to share these incredible events, and to the shoppers who showed courage and interest in learning more about MOT SA and getting involved.

A special thank you goes to all our inspiring speakers and performers who brought their unique perspectives, stories, and talents to the Voices of Courage Campaign. Your participation and support have been instrumental in making this month-long celebration of youth empowerment a resounding success.

Thank You to Tyger Valley Cares

A huge thank you to Tyger Valley Shopping Centre for their amazing partnership and support in providing the platform for our youth to share their Voices of Courage. We are grateful for the opportunity to inspire the next generation to believe in themselves and strive for their goals.

Your commitment to empowering the youth has made a significant impact, and we look forward to continuing this inspiring journey together.

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