Happy World Smile Day!

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Phyllis Diller once wrote a quote:

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. Imagine receiving good news after a rough and frustrating day, you smile. Imagine someone giving you something as simple as a smile after a rocky day, you smile.  Why? Because smiling is contagious.

Smiling changes, one’s mood, and has loads of health benefits. With a smiling face, one can face any challenge, one can hide pain and one can crush every fear.

On this lovely day, World Smile Day, be the reason someone smiles. A little act of kindness can change someone’s day.

Kindness does not only come in the form of material things, just giving a smile to a stranger, or a friend is also an act of kindness and can save their day!

A lot of people go through different difficult situations and an act of smiling can change one’s mood and can change their worldview.

Remember to “Just Smile”

Read below for the benefits of Smiling:

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  • Increases Positivity & Mood – We always hear the term “fake it til  you make it”, and this is absolutely even if you don’t really feel it. This way you can actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy, which will elevate your mood!
  • Reduced Stress and Pain – when we smile or laugh, our body releases endorphins that have pain-relieving benefits, which could also contribute to helping your body relax. Smiling is a natural drug 😊
  • Strengthens your Immune System – because smiling relaxes your body, this strengthens your immune system and allows it to work better, this could contribute to having less colds and flus.
  • Younger Appearance – Yes! You read that right! Even though your age may not reverse, smiling or laugh more would give you’re a younger appearance. Not only will you feel younger, but you’ll also look younger! So go ahead and smile more 😀
  • Better Relationships with Friends & Family – you appear more approachable and are likable, which will allow for better and easier conversations and relationships. And you could even brighten up another person’s day with your smile!
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – just as research shows that smiling reduces stress, smiling also lowers blood pressure, allowing you to live longer and happier!

Smile to make someone’s day brighter and let us know! Have the #CouragetoSmile!

By Charity Mupangani

Let’s do a Smile Challenge!

  1. Social Media Challenge: We challenge you to create a smile collage with yourself or with your friends/family and tag MOT.
  • Post-It-Note Challenge – Remind yourself to smile. Stick the post-it notes or notes  someplace you’ll see every morning or a familiar place you usually find yourself in with positive quotes or even jokes.  Take a picture with your beautiful smiling face and tag us!

3 2 1 – GO!

The winner will be announced next week!

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