Courage to Care Day Story written by Gloria Nkgetheleng Bocheletsana

Dear MOT Family

I would like to share a story of how someone showed me the courage to care when I was in need.

I have started selling raw unprocessed honey this month, and I needed honey containers. Instead of having my business partner buy them, I decided to go instead, so that I would how to find the factory in future.  

When I reached Maitland fisheries, I tried to request an Uber to take me directly to the place I needed to be, but the app kept on showing “no service”. I kept on trying, with no luck. I then decided to ask one of the taxi drivers to direct me to the place. They dropped me at the nearest point, just to realise that it was the wrong address.

I started to panic because my phone battery was running low, it was getting late, I was running out of cash and I was still struggling to find an Uber.

I looked around for people to ask for help, but the lady I asked had no idea where the place was that I was looking for. I decided to go into the pharmacy, which was opposite from where I was standing, and they said they directed me back to the place I initially was at where I got into the taxi. At this time I needed to switch off my phone due to the battery being low.

I then reached another mall, where I asked one of the construction workers for help. He then Googled the place I was looking for and offered to drop me off at the place. I was a bit hesitant to accept his help, but I decided to trust my instincts.

We finally reached the factory, and even though the place was closed by the time we reached, just their simple act of kindness helped. They also shared that I should not be afraid and that they will not hurt me as they respect women and they are against Gender Violence. They didn’t expect anything in return and was extremely kind to me.

Because of their help, I was able to find the place, and in future, I would be able to find it on my own. Even though I went home without the honey containers, I still had a smile on my face because of their courage to help me.