Voices of Courage Campaign: 29 June

On 29 June, we celebrated the final day of our Voices of Courage Campaign Events at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre. The month-long series of events has been nothing short of MOTivating, with each event bringing something new and inspiring. The finale featured impactful talks and performances that left the audience deeply inspired. The highlight of the event was a compelling speech by Gary Speelman, complemented by the comedic talents of Da Faith and Diego Paulse.

About MOT and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre has partnered with MOT SA to empower and engage the youth through a series of motivational events and activities under the Voices of Courage campaign. This initiative aims to inspire young people to find and use their voices by providing them with valuable life lessons and encouragement.

Event Highlights
Gary Speelman: Is There a Place for Second Chances?

Gary Speelman delivered an inspiring talk on the topic of second chances. He began by emphasizing that second chances start with oneself, quoting the verse, “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Gary explained that courage begins when you decide for yourself to renew your mindset.

He shared his personal journey, saying, “I’m a high school dropout. I failed for three consecutive years. I then decided to drop out. But, thanks to my family, they supported me and kept me on the right path, even though I failed and dropped out. From then on, I put my best foot forward.”

“MOT was basically a second chance for me,” Gary continued. “That’s why I’ll always be available if MOT calls me.” He said that MOT gave him the tools to navigate through life as a youth to an adult and opened so many opportunities for him to be himself and share of himself.

He spoke about his mindset during challenging times: “When placed with others, I outshined them. I did not have a matric, but because of my mindset, I succeeded.”

Gary’s message was clear and powerful: “Just to plant a seed. That’s enough. And that is what MOT is about for me. MOT plants the seed and walks the walk with you, with the tools, values and principles it provices, but you need to put in the work yourself and water it. Renewal of your life.”

He emphasized the importance of personal responsibility: “There’s always a second chance in life with you. But the second chance starts with you. Yes, you can play, but always go back to your goal.”

Youth Engagement

The youth in attendance were deeply moved by Gary’s story and message. One young attendee shared, “What stood out to me was giving yourself a second chance because it starts with you. Even though Gary failed consecutively, he decided for himself that he was not going to stay there and allow the failures to determine his future, but used it to empower himself and renew his mindset.”

Another youth commented, “A second chance in life is possible, and this is what stood out for me.”

Comedic Relief: Da Faith and Diego Paulse

The event also featured comedic performances by Da Faith and Diego Paulse, who brought laughter and joy to the audience. Their humour added a light-hearted and enjoyable aspect to the event, that left everyone with smiles on their faces.

Closing Remarks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Tyger Valley Shopping Centre for providing the platform to share these powerful messages with our youth. We are grateful for the opportunity to inspire the next generation to believe in second chances and to always strive for their goals.

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