Courage to Care Day 2023 in Cape Town – Showing the Courage to Care!

picture of MOT SA Courage to Care Day campaign

Courage to Care Day is an annual event that perfectly embodies MOT’s core value of “Courage to Care.” This special day encourages people to show care and respect for others and themselves.

Engaging MOT Youth in Designing the Courage to Care Day Badge

Prior to launching the Courage to Care Day Campaign, we extended an invitation to all our MOT Youth participants, encouraging them to unleash their creativity by submitting their unique designs for the Courage to Care Day badge. This badge is a symbol of our commitment to creating a warmer and safer society, where kindness and compassion are the norm. Read more about the winners and their designs here

A Mission of Giving Back

fairmount courage to care

This year, our goal was all about giving back to the children attending rural and farm schools across the province. We wanted to make a positive difference by providing them with donations such as school uniforms, clothing, stationery, and textbooks. These donations will give these children the tools they need to succeed in their education, aiming to create a warmer and safer society for all.

Uniting in Action: The Campaign

Lotus High

The campaign took place from July 18th to August 18th, and we were thrilled to have 13 of our sites participating. These included educational institutions and companies like Zeekoevlei Secondary School, Fairmount Secondary School, Lotus Secondary School, Gardens Commercial High School, Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard, Parents and Friends Committee Atlantic Seaboard, College of Cape Town, Radisson Blu Hotel, Granger Bay and several campuses of False Bay TVET College and West Coast TVET College.

The Career Expo

Achmat Gafieldien from College of Cape Town MOT SA talking career expo

One of the key parts of our Courage to Care Day Campaign was the Career Expo, held on August 5th at Zeekoevlei Secondary School, Fairmount Secondary School, and Lotus Secondary School. We were honoured to have speakers like Achmat Gafieldien from the College of Cape Town, Natasha van Staaden from Future People, and Arthur Ketile from False Bay TVET College. They talked about important topics such as Navigating the Evolving Job Market: Career Insights and Tips for Aspiring Scholars and the Role of Higher Learning Institutions, The Future Jobs in IT and Careers for the Fifth Industrial Revolution (Five IR) and Possibilities of Studying through College as an Alternative to Solely Pursuing Matric and What the World of Work Expects. Read more about our successful Career Expo here

fairmount mot courage to care

These initiatives also form part of our broader Courage to Care Global project, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Wynberg. This project has a positive impact in the Grassy Park area.

The results of this campaign are heartening. All the sites that participated made it possible for rural and farm school children to receive essential items like stationery, school uniforms, and clothing for their education. The campaign was a success, and we’re already looking forward to what next year will bring as well as handing over the donations received to the schools.

false bay mot courage to caer

A huge thank you to all the sites that showed the Courage to Care! Your contributions have truly made a difference. This special day reminds us that by caring for others and showing compassion, we can create a better world for everyone.

Stay tuned via our social media as we share about our Courage to Care day Celebration and handovers! 🙂

MOT SA also celebrated Courage to Care Day in Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape. Read more about the incredible celebration here:

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