Empowering Youth Through MOT Values for Mandela Month at Western Cape Provincial Parliament

mot at western cape provincial parliament

On 25 July, MOT South Africa had an amazing opportunity to lead 40 enthusiastic youth visiting the Western Cape Provincial Parliament from Potchefstroom. The occasion was aligned with Mandela Month, a time of reflection and action, dedicated to the values that Nelson Mandela stood for. The focus was to delve into the core values of MOT: Courage to Live, Courage to Care, and Courage to Say No.

Learning the Power of Listening

One of the skills emphasized during the training was the power of listening. Through the MOT values, the youth came to understand the power of active listening, and that it is not just the act of hearing words, but truly understanding and empathizing with others. This skill fosters effective communication, deepens relationships, and promotes a more inclusive society.

Setting Boundaries with the Courage to Say No

The Courage to Say No is a value that equips individuals with the strength and courage to assert themselves and establish healthy boundaries. The youth learned that saying no includes tone and body language and that, while still respecting others. Learning to say no with confidence not only protects one’s well-being but also gives one a sense of self-worth and authenticity.

Embracing the Courage to Care for One Self and Others

mot at parliament

The significance of self-care and compassion for others was highlighted through the Courage to Care value. In a fast-paced world, this can often be overlooked. The youth discovered that practising self-care is not selfish, but a crucial foundation for promoting empathy and kindness towards others. \

Youth Feedback: Lekker, Intriguing, and Highly Educational

The impact of this training was heartfelt, especially from the feedback received from the youth describing the sessions as “lekker,” “intriguing,” and “educational.”

Thank you, Western Cape Provincial Parliament

mot wcpp

MOT South Africa extends a heartfelt appreciation to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament for providing us with this amazing opportunity to empower our youth of tomorrow.

It serves as a beacon of inspiration during Mandela Month. It empowered the 40 youth through the core values of MOT: Courage to Live, Courage to Care, and Courage to Say No. We not only provided them with the skills of listening, setting boundaries, and practising self-care but also helped lay down a foundation for a warmer and safer society for all.

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