MOT Magical moments in Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape

MOT SA Eastern Cape

In early August, the MOT SA team headed to Burgersdorp, located in the heart of Eastern Cape. The purpose was to connect with our partnering High Schools and the local community. Our visit was a memorable journey marked by several meaningful events, beginning with a heartfelt MOT introduction to parents and wrapped up with a MOTivating Courage to Care Day Celebration – the first to happen outside of the Western Cape!

Parents’ Introduction to the MOT Programme in Burgersdorp

We initiated our visit with a MOT introduction to the Parents in the community. They received a glimpse into the MOT Programme. This event provided attendees with an opportunity to experience a condensed MOT session, gaining insights into the MOT programme’s impact on young lives and its potential to create positive change. Through various interactive exercises and discussions, attendees were reminded of the remarkable courage exhibited by young individuals in their daily lives. Read more here:

Celebrating Courage to Care Day in Burgersdorp

We wrapped up with our MOTivating Courage to Care Day Celebration. This celebration highlighted the importance of looking out for one another and emphasized the value of self-love and belief in oneself.

It brought together young minds from our partnering schools – Mzimkhulu Primary School, Ethembeni Secondary School, Eureka Primary School, and Burgersdorp High School – to share their inspiring perspectives on Courage to Care and the impact of MOT in their lives. Read more here:

During our time in Burgersdorp, we also got to connect with our partner, Scatec, who played a big role in making all of this happen. Thank you so much, Scatec! This trip brought us closer to our mission of developing robust youth, who include all by strengthening awareness and courage.

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