Empowering Educators through MOT Coaches’ Basic Education

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In January and February, MOT SA successfully hosted its first MOT Coaches’ Basic Education for the year. The intensive training provided our educators with the tools and knowledge to facilitate the MOT programme with their students. The comprehensive curriculum covers essential life skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and building mental resilience – crucial aspects for navigating today’s world. The training was provided to Port Elizabeth TVET College, STADIO Higher Education, and Umfolozi College and a new MOT cohort of over 30 coaches joined the MOT Family!

Strategic Partnerships for Youth Empowerment

This follows a call from DG Murray Trust (DGMT) to broaden MOT SA’s horizons and extend the MOT Programme beyond its current reach in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. MOT SA has partnered with these TVET Colleges in Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg aiming to empower educators and subsequently, young individuals.

The Role of a MOT Coach

What does it mean to be a MOT Coach? A MOT Coach plays a crucial role in facilitating the MOT life-skills sessions focused on youth resilience, awareness, and courage – the Courage to Live, Courage to Care, and Courage to Say No. To become a MOT Coach requires a commitment to being Passionate, Youthful, Innovative, and Sincere (P-YIS). Those interested in joining this impactful initiative can reach out to bernelee@mot.org.za and granya@mot.org.za.

MOT Coaches’ Feedback

MOT Coaches trianing in PE 3

The feedback from the MOT Coaches underscores the effectiveness of the training. They described the training as informative and fulfilling, with the perception they had before changed. One MOT Coach shared, “The training was powerful, forcing me to engage in valuable introspection.” Another noted, “The training reinforced the notion that the student is a person and not an object. We must demonstrate a background understanding.” These reflections highlight the impact of MOT Coaches’ Basic Education, emphasizing its importance in shaping educators who are not only skilled but also deeply connected to the principles and values of MOT.

Thank you DG Murray Trust (DGMT)!

MOT SA expresses gratitude to DG Murray Trust (DGMT) for providing an amazing opportunity to expand our influence and make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals, who are the future!

As we continue our mission, partnerships with institutions, committed MOT Coaches, and the backing of funding partners such as DG Murray Trust holds the potential to bring about a positive transformation in the lives of young individuals throughout South Africa. The ripple effect of empowered MOT Coaches is set to create a lasting legacy in the realm of education and youth empowerment.

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