MOT Reflections on a successful 2022

MOT South Africa npo organisation 2022 Highlights Courage over Fear Theme

As we kick off the year 2023 with a reflection on all the ups and downs that we faced in 2022, we are most excited and look forward to what this year brings for us.

Our theme for 2023 is #CouragetoCelebrate and this is a powerful theme that embodies the spirit of triumph and resilience. Read more about this here

2022 Theme

Our theme in 2022 was #CourageoverFear which is all about the willingness to do something which can be terrifying sometimes or seem like a threat, and pursuing this further is what we call COURAGE.

We always need to overcome our fears and be brave. Being brave does not imply that we are fearless but being resilient and having the courage to conquer. When we are courageous, we choose to face our anxieties and move forward despite being afraid. 

MOT Global turned 25!

It is incredible to consider how MOT has impacted young people’s lives globally, which was established in 1997 during the Ski World Championship in Trondheim, Norway.

22 February 2022 marks the 25 year anniversary of MOT which was founded.

A message that was shared by our founding mother, Sigrun Vårvik: “I am infinitely grateful to Atle, who took me on this journey, where I have seen how to create something great by lifting other people, giving them great ownership and letting them shine. I’m endlessly grateful to all who have inspired and contributed to making MOT what it is today. MOT has made my life more valuable than I could have ever dreamed of. ” 

From the countless success stories of the young people we have impacted to the recognition and awards we have received for our work, it is clear that our efforts have made a meaningful impact.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest gratitude to the founders of this organization for their vision, dedication and leadership in starting this organization. We look forward to many more years of empowering youth and helping them to reach their full potential.

MOT Coaches’ Basic Education (MOT Coaches’ Training)

Dec MOT Coaches MOT faciliation on life skills and mental health

We hosted 2 MOT Coaches’ training in which we welcomed 53 new and inspired MOT Coaches to the Family from both Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.

The 3-day MOT life-skills training embodies fun and interactive activities, thought-provoking group discussions and getting to know one another through many bonding experiences. 

The training provides the MOT Coaches with the necessary tools to facilitate MOT Sessions for their MOT Youth to manage and navigate various aspects of daily life, making conscious choices through various soft skills. The goal of this training is to empower young people to become more robust (resilient) adults and to create a warmer and safer society that includes all.

To become a MOT Coach you need to be Passionate, Youthful, Innovative and Sincere (P-YIS). If you would like to become a MOT Coach, fill out the form here

Read more about our Western Cape training here

Read more about our Eastern Cape training here

Our Successful MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering

MOT South Africa life skills and mental health focusing on youth organisation MOT Enthusiasts Gathering

An unforgettable experience as we recently hosted our annual MOT Enthusiasts’ Gathering, where we brought together 70 participants, both in person and online.

It is a day filled with camaraderie, celebrating all that MOT has accomplished, shared love for MOT, and a sense of inspiration as we looked forward to what the future holds.

We also took the time to recognize and award the outstanding contributions and best practices of our partnering High Schools, TVET Colleges and our MOT Coaches.


We presented various awards at the event such as:

  • The Are Hovstad Award was presented to Mr Terence Klassen, a MOT Coach and the principal of Fairmount Secondary School. The Are Hovstad Award was inaugurated in 2018 to honor Are Hovstad for founding MOT in South Africa, his support of MOT, and his passion for the development of the South African youth. 
  • MOT School of the Year Award was presented to Zeekoevlei High School who had truly gone above and beyond in promoting the benefits of MOT and creating meaningful experiences for the youth, and we were proud to recognize their efforts with this award.
  • The MOT Organisation of the Year Award was presented to Mbekweni Youth Centre in recognition of their valuable contribution to MOT and the positive impact and experiences they have created for the youth in their school and community.
  • We have also handed out awards to our Best performing MOT Coaches who have been a source of motivation to the youth and community. Their unwavering commitment to promoting the benefits of MOT and helping others is truly inspiring and we are grateful for all that they do.

Read more about the inspiring day here:

Courage to Care Day Campaign

Donations received from Courage to Care Day and dropped off at rural schools MOT South Africa campaign similar to Mandela Day

We held our annual celebrated Courage to Care Day, which turned out to be a huge success.

The day reinforced MOT’s core value, the Courage to Care, which is all about showing care and respect for self and others, and being a light for those who may feel left out. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of inclusivity and support within our community.

We received clothing for children and adults, school uniforms and shoes as well as groceries. The school uniform and shoes received have been successfully dropped off to 1 500 learners at rural schools around the Western Cape and the clothing and groceries have been dropped off at the following two shelters: The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children and Taleah Mashae Foundation.

Read more about the campaign here

Youth Month Campaigns

youth day

During Youth Month, we launched an inspiring campaign that encouraged our young leaders to reflect on the meaning of #CourageOverFear and how they could apply it in their own lives.

The campaign was a huge success as the young leaders shared their personal stories of growth and change, which were truly motivating.

On top of that, we also had an amazing radio series on Radio Cape Pulpit, where we explored the theme of courage and fear in-depth, providing an opportunity for our community to learn and grow together. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of self-awareness and taking action.

Read more about this here:

Mandela Day

MOT SA Mandela Month collab with Ladles of Love 60 minutes

On Mandela Day, the MOT staff had the opportunity to give back to the community by dedicating 67 minutes of our time to help make a difference. We joined forces with Ladles of Love making sandwiches which is one of their goals to alleviate hunger and provide food relief to people in poverty-stricken communities.

Not only that, but we also helped to break the World’s Guinness Record for the largest food mosaic! It was a fulfilling experience to be able to make a meaningful impact on those in need, and we look forward to future opportunities to give back to the community.

Read more about this here:

MOT Life Skills Leadership Programme for Corporates

We provided our MOT Leadership and Life Skills Programme to over 300 Raddison Blu Hotel, Granger Bay and Meridian Pinehurst.

The course assists individuals and teams in developing a range of skills that can improve their effectiveness in the workplace. These skills include effective communication, leadership, problem-solving, time management, and stress management.

Additionally, it helps to develop a positive mindset and an overall sense of well-being, which can lead to improved performance and greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Every time a MOT Session was held, the staff left more inspired, braver, and willing to offer inspirational feedback.

If you would like to have this training at your workplace please get in touch with us at or read more here

MOT’s first Women’s Day event


We organized an event in August to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of our women who work towards the development of underprivileged youth. The event, themed Courage to be a Woman, brought together over 50 women and young people.

The highlights of the day were our guest speakers who were also panel members: Saarkie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, Bernadine Bachar, the 2-time Survivor castaway and entrepreneur, Toni Tebbutt, Chairperson of MOT SA, Ency Litsoane, students and prefects of our partner school, Garden’s Commercial High School, Shakirah Dhanse and Mary Mhone. They shared their perspectives on the theme of “passing on courage to others, The Courage to pass it on.

Read more about the day here:

Press Conference with Dan Carter

Press conference Dan Carter visits and inspires young people at MOT South Africa

In September, we had the honour and privilege of welcoming the former All Blacks Rugby Player, Dan Carter at the College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus in which he inspired the youth in attendance.

Dan shared his challenging, yet courageous story about his injury during the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, where his dream of captaining his country for the first time was shattered when he got hurt in the captain’s run to practice the day before a game. 

Read more about the day here:

We are so excited for all that this year has in store for us – positively impacting the lives of more young people and building new and amazing opportunities in the whole of South Africa and abroad.

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